Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the seven faithful

I just checked my blog's google analytics and was moved... (by the way google analytics is a tool that tracks how many people visit my blog)

Despite not blogging for the past month or so (at least not without any sort of consistency) I still have at least 7 people checking my blog daily. On a day I was feeling a little bit down, you seven faithful lifted me - much like these 7 legs lift this lamb:

For you I will post the seven best things about my life right now:

1. Whitney and our soon to be marriage. I'm having a blast getting stuff ready for the wedding / marriage. For instance we are buying cool stuff like the hutch (which we haven't had much progress on, but I promise an update on the renovation soon), an old desk ($15) that we might sell cause I found a better one at the thrift store, cool plates, and an antique buffet. Also, we got to register at 4 places which was mostly fun, partly stressful, and definitely overwhelming.

2. 49cent microwave lunches. These little guys enable the purchasing of all the cool stuff listed above. I'm able to save at least $5 a day on lunch costs.

3. Kevin and Bean in the morning. My 35ish mile commute every morning allows us time together. I thoroughly enjoy 87% of the hour I listen to them.

4. The Kauffmans. They gave me a great room to live in for a while. Oh, and Kathy is the one who introduced me to the 49cent lunches. (Curtis, don't get too excited about making the list - you're #4 afterall)

5. Job security. I'm pretty sure it's really hard to find a job right now due to the economic recession-like trends. Even if cut-backs were coming, I don't feel too threatened. Hopefully it's not a false sense of security - I'll keep you posted.

6. This picture:

7. I just had a vacation. During that vacation I got to see pretty much my whole family living in California except for my sister-in-law. I also had 2 days with no agenda, 2 days with Whitney registering and church hunting, one day at church, and one holiday hanging out with Whitney's massive family. The best part is - I'm pretty sure I was paid for the whole week. I'll keep you posted about that too.

PS during my proofread of the posted post I found some verbiage I should change. In #7 I should note that Whitney's family is massive in number, ie there are a lot of people. That's all.


Julia said...

You're welcome.

Oh, and I'm not sure which hour you get to listen to Kevin and Bean, but who do you pick to win the fight, Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones?

Julia said...
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stacey Belmont said...

Haha...This post made me laugh in many different ways. And just to throw in my two cents i pick Indiana Jones because if you have seen the new one and observe how well a 70 year old man moves you'd be impressed enough to pick Indy also.

carsonbelmont said...

So that last one was me, My mom used my computer today and I didn't realize she was signed in....I feel stupid.