Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This is Whitney here attempting to become a better blogger now that I'm married. But that is not what this blog is about. It's voting day and Jon and I did our civic duty by voting and we hope that you all did the same.

I of course have a story to go along with my voting experience. Kelsie and I had to drive out to Beaumont to vote so we met up with our dad so we could all go together. Well I got done voting first and was waiting for dad and Kels in the corner of the room when excitement came over me about voting and that it was Kelsie's first time voting. I whipped out my camera and took a picture of Kelsie in her voting booth to document this monumental moment. Bad idea. I was scolded and made to delete the picture off my camera and asked to leave the room. Who knew you couldn't take pictures? Needless to say my dad couldn't stop laughing in embarrassment and can't wait to tell people.

Well we did get one picture to document which I think is equally important. After we voted we got our free Starbucks!


Jenni said...

It's funny that I have no problem picturing you in the voting room with your camera. I wish I would have been there:)

carsonbelmont said...

I thought the same thing, such a tourist!

The Hofschroer's said...

I was reprimanded for texting!

eryn said...

i had a similar experience look at my blog update.

ps. whitney and kelsie are really pretty.