Friday, August 22, 2008

Engagement Pictures

Trever did an amazing job on our engagement pictures.
Click here to see them all.
Thanks Trev!


carsonbelmont said...

They all look so good. I am loving the scooter!

Julia said...

So cute! I made everyone in my office come to my computer and oooh and aahh at you guys.

Justin Blomgren said...

you guys are beautiful. Gosh, I remember setting you guys up..yep, I'm taking credit. All those cottage 10 evenings

eryn said...

Your friend is a really good photographer, and great at capturing the happiness of it all!

I hope you had a good birthday. (sunday)

See you at the wedding!!

Julia said...

Engagement is old hat now, Jon. Can we please get a countdown ticker to the wedding next week?!