Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sky blue sky

Its easy to forget about the beautiful gift of creation around us when we're stuck in the daily grind... that's why I really enjoy the weekends when whitney and I get to go out to Beaumont. We get to escape for a little while. This last weekend it was kind of stormy, it even snowed a little in Beau-town. The storms made the sky amazing - the clouds were so close and huge and fluffy. I loved it:



here's madison (aka pretty) enjoying the afternoon

on our way back home...

we found this...

if you ever get the chance to go to a super target, go. it is everything you'd imagine it to be... plus groceries.
Have a great week.


carsonbelmont said...

I like that picture of the sky, kinda greyish, I am sad that me and Hill weren't there this weekend, my Saturday night just wasn't the same. Nice picture of Pretty, and WOW, a SuperTarget I've never been where is that?

Curtis Kauffman said...

you will be a resident soon.

treverhoehne said...

good title choice ;)