Wednesday, March 5, 2008

8 ways...

to annoy your bank of america teller
(inspired by true experiences)

don't think about why you came to the bank until you reach the teller window.

swipe your ATM card with the card facing the wrong way 5 times while ignoring instruction from the one who spends 40 hours a week watching people swipe their cards... and then get frustrated because the "card swiper" doesn't work.

get to the teller window and ask if there's a restroom in the bank, informing the teller that you really, really have to go, then proceed to do the "pee-pee" dance - the one where you cross your legs and bounce around while breathing really hard - all while the teller completes the transaction.

spend more money than you have and complain when you find out your account is overdrawn.

go to the bank with no ATM card, no ID, don't know your social security number - with a crying baby - and freak out when the teller won't give you any cash.

bring a duffle bag full of coin... unwrapped... and expect the teller to count it all, wrap it, and give you cash.

ask where Washington Mutual is after complaining about Bank of America not cashing your check.

talk about your grandkids' first experience at disneyland (including details about their favorite rides, what they ate for lunch, and the cute little outfit you bought for them for just the occasion) after your deposit is finished and an angry, out-the-door line of customers glares at the teller.


carsonbelmont said...

These are absolutely classic retail stories. My favorite is #5; No card, No ID, No social number, No cash.

gabrielle said...

this is actually really funny...there are so many slackers in this world.

carly said...

this was funny. good thing i don't bank at Bank of America, didn't know the tellers were so irritable.

A.J. Soldo said...


Melissa said...

Sigh, having been a teller at Bank Of America I can feel your pain although you did miss the old people who get really angry at you because you ask them for there id. "I've banked here longer than you've been alive and YOU are asking me for MY id? OUTRAGEOUS!"
yeah, I loved that job...especially when those old people threw their id's at you. There's nothing funnier than a really angry old man.