Wednesday, January 9, 2008



I found out that I'm Scottish. Now when people ask me where my ancestors are from I can answer them intelligently - it's the Clan Buchanan to be specific.

I wonder, though, are we so far removed from our "ancestors" that we can't really say where we are from? I can trace my dad's dad's dad's dad (etc) back to Scottland, but in my mind that ignores all the ancestry that all their wives brought to the McWhorter family. Any thoughts?

For now I'll stick with Scottish - mostly because I really like Braveheart.


carsonbelmont said...

I am Italian and Irish and then a bunch of other stuff. I like to think of myself as American.

Jon McWhorter said...

good point.

treverhoehne said...

i freakin love that shot..... i think we should put it above the fire place