Saturday, November 24, 2007

uncle jon

Thanksgiving came and went...
It's nice to be in a place where the leaves change color and requires warm clothing, not to mention a place where family is. I can't say it was a quiet thanksgiving (nephews), but it was good. The boys kept things fun - we played soccer inside, lots of wii, checkers with Kameron's rules (which includes double kings called 'dragons' and can move 4 times), acrobatic moves on top of uncle Jon, and Whitney got her hair "braided" a few times. It's fun to see the nephews, and now niece, but at the end of the holiday I'm worn out. I did learn one thing about the nephews this year... they belong in the next GQ for kids:



carsonbelmont said...

I like that jacket.

carly said...

the boys are so cute. hey can u post some pictures of you guys at yule? thanks
or email me some